Sell Your Pre-Owned

Marrkt is a unique concept in that we sell both pre-owned products sourced from individuals alongside over-stock and samples sourced directly from the brands.

Imagine being able to sell your unwanted items and all you have to do is decide what to sell and put it in a box. No time spent photographing, writing descriptions, measuring pit to pit, answering questions and the hassle of sending and returns. We take care of everything - in return we ask for 37% of the sale price.

Most people have items in their closet they no longer wear, for whatever reason - taste has changed, an impulse purchase, doesn't fit anymore and so on. We recognise the value of authentic products and that these are desirable to others of similar taste.

Marrkt brings together like minded consumers and offers a hassle free way to sell your unwanted items. We have a built a large customer base over the years who are interested in products of good condition or better from the following brands:

Alden, Viberg, Crockett & Jones, Edward Green, Yuketen, The Real McCoys, Nigel Cabourn, RRL, Post Overalls, Needles, Engineered Garments, Gitman, Visvim and many more

Sell your items