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Meet Photographer and Content Creator Anthony Lee

Based in Liverpool, Anthony Lee is a Content Creator and Photographer. Here, we discuss his photography work for This Thing Of Ours and his appreciation for technical materials and timeless pieces.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you end up becoming a photographer and content creator?

I'm 28, recently married, London born, and raised in a small town in Hampshire. Currently living in Liverpool with my wife and our two miniature Dachshunds. It's a pretty chill vibe around ours and we're big fans of taking it easy.

I actually got into all this through my wife (although I've always been pretty keen behind a camera). It started out in Uni, I was studying Fine Art at UAL and she was studying PR. I was really into exploring camera techniques at the time and spent a lot of time out and about in London shooting interesting Architecture. She was blogging on the side and so I fell into the role of 'Instagram Husband' or whatever. Turns out, I was actually alright at it and just started really getting into it. All this happens about the same time I found a real love for menswear, so it all kind of fell into place for me. Anyway, fast-forward a few years and a pretty heavy grind and we're basically up-to-date, it's not that exciting of a story unfortunately!

We love the photography work you’re doing for This Thing of Ours…How did this opportunity come about?

Thanks a lot! Helping TTOO build a brand image has, and is, definitely one of the highlights of my whole career. It's awesome to be working and shooting with so many sick brands all within one space. There's a lot more to come too!

TTOO actually reached out to me a couple of years or so ago. They were looking to ramp up their content and felt that my work aligned nicely with the direction they were looking to head. We started shooting together every couple of weeks and built from there. From now I'm basically with them every week, if not more! It's honestly been such an honour to be able to grow and develop with them and I'm super excited for the things to come. It's also really helped me flex and learn as a photographer, being self taught meant that something like a studio was really intimidating to me so being able to kind of jump a bit more into that has been such a blessing.

You’re based in Liverpool. What are your favourite places to visit?

It's mostly food and drink here for me, I'm a sucker for a couple of brews in the morning along with some good breakfast. A couple of places off the top of my head would probably be Mother Espresso, Coffi, Buyers Club and Bunch Wine Bar.

We're also blessed to have some beautiful green spaces around here. Having the dogs means parks are a common occurrence for us and we definitely have our favourites — Calderstones, Sefton and Princes Park are all big contenders with Formby Beach just a short drive away as well.

When it comes to menswear stores, I tend to shop online or in the places I visit in my travels. Locally in Liverpool, I'd definitely say the menswear scene has grown since we first moved here, we've now got stores like Outsiders and Sevenstore which both stock some very nice brands.

"I invest in pieces that aren't trend driven and that will work within my wardrobe for the foreseeable"

Which brands are you particularly drawn to at the moment?

I'm actually in a bit of a rut at the moment for new brands to get on to. My all-time favourites are Nanamica, Our Legacy, New Balance and Salomon — all of which are consistent season after season and are always putting out good stuff. But in general, I'm a little nose-blind if that makes sense? I haven't stumbled across anything or anyone recently that genuinely excites me. I keep an eye on a few brands who are making some interesting movements — namely Asics, Mfpen, South2 West8 and Descente Allterrain. I enjoy pieces that utilise interesting or technical materials, have plenty of storage or features and come in a nice wide, relaxed fit. I'm also pretty big on subtle branding, however there are definitely a few exceptions in my wardrobe currently.

Menswear re-sell is growing in popularity. What’s your approach when it comes to rotating your wardrobe? 

I've been trying to be a little more conscious with my wardrobe lately. I definitely put a lot more thought into what I bring in than I used to. In terms of how I bring new pieces in, I generally look to see if it fills a gap or adds something different to what I already own. I try to invest in pieces that aren't trend driven and that will work within my wardrobe for the foreseeable, I've even begun looking for old season pieces on sites like Ebay which is super fun, especially when you strike gold. I'm currently at a period in my wardrobe where I'm beginning to see a few select pieces begin to really shine through as repeat go-to's. Things like my New Balance 990v3's that have been a staple for years, a pair of Daiwa Pier39 pants and most recently my Our Legacy Workshop hoodie which I just keep reaching for. So it's really nice to build off old favourites and explore / re-discover what I already own.

Take a look at Anthony's selection of special pre-owned pieces from the likes of Gramicci, Arc'teryx, Orslow and much more.