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Christopher Moorby

Meet London-based Creative Director Christopher Moorby

Originally from Barnsley, Christopher Moorby is a London-based Creative Director and the Co-Founder of Commission Studio – an established branding agency working with some of the best brands in the world. He's also a good friend of ours and has been a MARRKT seller for several years. We asked him a few questions around his love for product and good design.

Commission Studio has been involved in some grand projects over the past few years including the rebrand of Rimowa and Zegna. Your work with Roller Disco Flippers World looks like an exciting project can you tell us more about it?

It’s quite an epic project for us. Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace was originally a roller rink in LA in the late seventies. It was legendary – everyone skated there from Arnie to Madonna. Prince played his first west coast gig there. It was rollerskating, but it was totally punk too. Black Flag and the Dead Kennedy’s played there and loads of British punk bands – like the Stranglers – would hang out there. To start we made a book with them (published by the legendary IDEA Books) documenting the short lived history of the venue, but now, 40 years later, the original owner’s daughter Liberty Ross is bringing the actual skating rinks back. We’ve just helped them launch a rink at Rockefeller Center in NYC and the next rink will launch in London. We’re also helping them develop an apparel line – we manage to get clothing into every project!

Your Stitched & Stitched account gives a glimpse at some of the vintage tags pieces you pick up on your travels at home and abroad. I feel you buy to wear rather than as a collector what do you look for in a piece? Is it it love at first sight or a subconscious hit list of grails you seek?

It’s a mix of both, but I’ve definitely got a bit of a hit list in the back of my mind when I’m looking for stuff. There’s always some grail pieces to find – most recently a 1940s British Army Gas Cape which I spotted hung up in the background of an instagram post from a vintage store I like. I couldn’t believe it! I went straight down there and bought it. I’m still on the hunt for a pair of 80s Hermès Paraboot Michaels. They’ve been on the list for a few years now. Mainly I’m looking for provenance – I want Made in USA Ralph Lauren or The North Face for example. Or Made in France Moncler. Or Made in Japan Wakouwas that I picked up at Marrkt last year!  

Vintage Red Parkas! How many now and which is your favourite?

Yes, I have a thing for red parkas – or red coats in general, though I probably only have six or seven in total. Since I was a kid I always loved the colours of mountaineering equipment – Safety Orange especially! Red is a little more wearable though. My most prized jacket is the Denali Expedition Parka by Recreational Equipment Inc. from 1975. Found in near mint condition. It’s rarely cold enough to wear it sadly. 

From Barnsley originally before making your mark on and settling in London - what excited and inspires you about the city? What are you favourite places to visit?

I’ve lived in London around 18 years now and I still love it – I’ve always loved the buzz, the pace, and the opportunities it presents. And it’s always been great for clothes shopping. The rounds in town would include Clutch Cafe, Drakes, and McCoys theses days. My favourite places to eat and drink are always the classics. So much good stuff comes and goes, but you can always rely on St John, L’escargot, and watering holes like Duke’s and the French House to always be there and always be great!

"It feels like selling through Marrkt, my clothes will end up with someone who has a similar appreciation for them as I did. I like that a lot."

You’ve been a seller with MARRKT for several years – how does the circularity concept of MARRKT enable you to rotate your wardrobe?

I love it because it’s hassle free and I know there’s a dedicated audience for it – that’s the main thing. Most stuff I sell through Marrkt I still love, but I’ve maybe just moved on from. It feels like selling through Marrkt that my clothes will end up with someone who has a similar appreciation for them as I did. I like that a lot. 

Finally, you’ve been a flag flyer for well made and designed product, be it clothing or household. What brands do you gravitate to these days and any new ones you’d like to share?

Lots of classic brands – The Real McCoy's, Drake's, and most things Clutch stock – Jelado, Pherrows, Warehouse, and Full Count. Mainly all Japanese. I’m always interested in new brands though. I came across an Australian brand on a trip to NYC recently called MAN-TLE. Their clothing really impressed me. Using incredible hard wear I’ve never seen on garments before. A really nice, contemporary brand doing things the right way – I love to see that. 

Take a look at Christopher's selection of special pre-owned pieces from the likes of Visvim, Drake's, Engineered Garments and much more.