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Oliver Hooson

Meet Photographer and Designer Oliver Hooson

Oliver Hooson (@olvh) is a London-based photographer, designer and content creator. When he's not snapping shots of the capital's finest architecture, Oliver spends his time pedalling (or running) to new places in the search for the best food and coffee London has to offer. We caught up with Oliver to find out what he's been up to recently.

Tell us a bit about your journey from the early days capturing menswear on social media, to more recently establishing yourself as a successful photographer and designer?

It has felt like a very natural transition, my interests in menswear intertwine with a lot of my other interests in regards to design, interiors etc. So moving from documenting menswear on social media to working on my photography and design happened quite seamlessly. I feel pretty lucky to be where I am.

You’re also a keen runner and cyclist. Can you tell us a bit about @yourfriendlyrunners? The running community seems to have grown quite rapidly.

A little Depop transaction turned into a running club with my now closest friend Matt Horrocks. It’s really nice to see the club grow week on week, it started as a small group of mates getting together and we now see over 70 people attend some weeks. I think that’s testament to how running has become more of a social thing — which is really important for our members.

You recently moved to a new home in Lower Clapton, East London. What are you favourites parts of London? 

Where do I start? I’m obviously a big fan of East London but I’ve also recently been enjoying a ride out south of the river to places like Brockley and Tooting. There are some really good food/coffee spots there including Good As Gold and Juliets Quality Foods to name a couple.

You’re documenting the city rise at @welcomespaces and the frightening pace at which the city is changing. What is it that draws you to modern architecture?

That whole thing is about documenting the middle process which to me is similar to the seasons changing. The nicest parts are in the growing and changing before the end point. That process is so colourful and utilitarian which is what I love.

What are your go-to pieces at the moment? 

I'm currently living in my Sanders Jp Chukka boots which I waited an age to get my hands on. I also wear loads of Arc'teryx (I dare to say it). You simply can’t beat it for cycling in British weather and for everyday wear.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Hopefully running the London Marathon again after last year's success and hopefully doing a little road trip in the deep South but let's see what happens with that as I’m sick of speaking too soon!

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