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How much will I receive of the sale price?

We operate two commission structures, based on the value of an item.
For items sold up to £999, Marrkt retains 39% and the seller receives 61%
For items sold over £1000, Marrkt retains 29% and the seller receives 71%
We charge a fixed £4 per sold item as a contribution towards fulfilment costs. This includes packaging, labour, shipping and return costs.

Example: A coat sells for £200. We retain 39% of the sale price (£78) plus a £4 fulfilment fee. The payment to the seller would be £118.

How do I get my items to you?

UK Sellers: We provide a Royal Mail link to print a shipping label, free of charge. We also offer a door step collection with DHL.

International Sellers: We work with DHL to ship your items to MARRKT. We ask you for £25 shipping fee for smaller boxes or a fair contribution for larger shipments once we know the box dimensions. There is no limit to size of the shipment we can work with.

What happens when you receive them?

Upon receipt of your items, we’ll drop you a message to say they have arrived safely. We then give each piece a unique code for tracking throughout our system. We professionally photograph, measure and describe your items ready for inclusion in our Daily Drop of pre-owned products.

Once sold, we send your item to the customer, wherever they may be in the world. In the event of the product being returned, we handle all refunds and relist online, ready to sell again.

Our marketing team work on a daily basis promoting MARRKT to new and existing customers, ensuring our success as a selling platform is maintained.

How long do items take to sell?

Most items sell within the first week. Our format of launching a Daily Drop creates a sense of anticipation with our customers who will 'snap up' many of the items we launch. 

If after 3 months an item is unsold, we slightly reduce the price by 15%. After 6 months we reduce it by 25% and after 12 months by 40%.

Example: Original listing price £100. After 3 months unsold £85, after 6 months £75 and 12 months £60.

When will I get paid?

We run a weekly schedule of payments, taking a 7 day period and identifying all products sold within that time. We then pay the respective sellers for those items.

From the sale of your item to payment, it is around 35 days.

We are legally obliged to offer our customers a 14 day period to notify us of their intent to return an order from when they received it, wherever they may be located in the world. Transit times to and from the customer plus our returns processing time contribute to being clear for payment around 35 days from sale.

How will I get paid?

We are able to transfer funds by the following methods:

Bank Transfer 
International bank transfer (Wise)
Marrkt Store Credit (you'll receive 10% more than a cash payment)

What happens if my items don’t sell?

Your items remain your property at all times, until sold. You can request your items back at any time. We do suggest at least a month for MARRKT to sell your products due to the work involved in preparing your items for listing. If you choose to have your items returned to you, we would request a small fee to cover the delivery cost.