inventory magazine

We celebrate the legacy of the ground-breaking menswear publication and provide access to 300 copies across all 13 issues of the magazine, alongside a selection of limited edition collaboration pieces.

Originally based in Vancouver, Inventory magazine was a ground-breaking menswear publication that started in 2009 and spanned across 13 issues until it sadly came to an end in 2016. 

In many ways, Inventory was ahead of its time. It stood out from the crowd as one of the best curators around, exhibiting one of the keenest eyes out there as it showcased both up-and-coming and established brands, designers and artists. This is a testament to its incredible editorial team, as well as the writers, stylists, photographers and illustrators they chose to work with. 

Inventory embodies a hugely exciting period for menswear. Its content hasn’t aged a day and remains as relevant and inspiring as ever. Most issues are quite hard to find now, especially at reasonable prices. We’re therefore very pleased to be able to get the magazine into people’s hands again, whether you’re filling gaps in your collection or discovering it and buying it for the first time.

"I think the influence that Inventory had on Orslow was huge. We gained many overseas customers as a result." — Ichiro Nakatsu, orslow
"Inventory always stood out to us because of the depth of its focus" — Carrie Hasegawa, BATTENWEAR
"It was an honour to be featured and given the attention to detail they did, really taking the time and care" — Brett Viberg, Viberg boots

In addition to the 300 copies of the magazine, we have a selection of Inventory collaborations available. These include clothing, footwear and accessories produced in limited numbers over the course of the magazine’s lifetime.